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Frida Botanicals Sleep Tonic is formulated to promote the onset of sleep and improved sleep quality. Designed to support relaxation and encourage restful and restorative sleep throughout the night.


This tonic can be combined with cannabidiol (CBD) for added effectivenesss It is gentle enough to be combined with most other medications, but please discuss  with your personal healthcare provider.


Our tonics are hand crafted in small batches with cane alcohol to maintain the balance of phytochemicals as they exist in the plant. Herbal liquid extracts are potent and fast-acting, as the body can rapidly absorb the powerful properties of the herbs into the bloodstream. 




  • Shake well before each use. 
  • Take one to two ml at bedtime, mixed with 1/4 water (or to taste preference) and swallow quickly.
  • IF THE DROPPER MARKERS ARE ABSENT OR TOO FAINT TO SEE: One half dropper is about 0.6 ml. When you do a "full pull" the liquid should rise in the dropper about halfway, that amount is about 0.6 ml.
  • Reduce taste intensity by chilling the tincture, adding it to very cold water, mixing it with juice instead of water or sucking on an ice cube beforehand.
  • Keep away from extreme heat and light. May be refrigerated.

Herbal Sleep Tonic

$25.00 Regular Price
$12.50Sale Price
  • Proprietary blend of:

    Valerian Root






    Cane alcohol (48-58%) ABV (Cane alcohol is gluten-free.)

    Filtered water

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